Month: February 2016

A very overdue thanks.

In 2014, fellow kayaker Redfish Chuck asked me for my address. Of course I asked him what he needed it for prior to giving him my coordinates but he was reluctant to say. All I got was that someone had something to send me. Curiosity always has me intrigued so I reminded him a few times about said object that hadn’t come yet before I ended up forgetting about it. Because of the countless people that say they want to go fishing and never go, I don’t hold my breath very long and continue with life. However, a few months down the road and I received a large box from RAILBLAZA and inside was a nice new C-Tug cart with a note from Mark Vlaskamp informing me to enjoy my new cart. The cart I owned at the time sufficed but it was far from what I would later find out the C-Tug could do.