Month: March 2016

The Econ: More photographs than paragraphs.

There’s blackwater in Central Florida that flows North in a small river named Econlockhatchee. It flows while you’re there and it flows while you’re not. If you jump in sometime and flow with it, I promise a most memorable time.

Econlockhatchee means “River of mounds”.IMG_2834 (more…)

The good, the bad, the Everglades in February.

You first have to pick a crew. It may be small or large (preferably small) but either or, do not, and I repeat, do not journey into the Florida Everglades alone. The Everglades is home to some wild beasts, unpredictable weather and unforgiving circumstances. The crew should be friends, diversified with leaders and followers. Too many of one will leave you lost or in a fight. They must also like the outdoors because if they don’t, you may never hear from them again. This trip, my crew consisted of Jason Camusso, a somewhat new friend and two old skateboard buddies from many moons back, Chris Lehman and Matt Giles. Matt was with me in November when we paddled into the depths of the SW most area of the Everglades out of Flamingo on a 4-day trip. After that trip, I knew I wanted to squeeze in one more adventure before it got too warm again so I almost immediately planned this trip for February.