Month: June 2016

The Econ is HOT right now

Friend Tammy Wilson and I had plans to hit the Econ in late July but I was about to come off of a six-day work week and I was ready for a break. To add, July was only going to be a bit hotter than June. Both Tammy and I had Monday off so we jumped at the chance and invited friend Dee Kaminski to join. We had a great little group and off we went.

I always have mixed emotions on bringing cameras with me. Documenting trips is something I love to do but there are times that I don’t get to soak them up as much because of the distractions caused by the camera. So, I brought them, couldn’t find inspiration to take photos, second guessed bringing them and then it hit, I saw an image. That’s really all it takes is seeing that first image and then it’s downhill from there.