The JK/MC Annual Yak Track.

This year John Kumiski and I did a west coast trip that consisted of the following areas;

Deer Prairie Creek Preserve, Manatee River, Little Manatee River, Myakka River,  Peace River, Cockroach Bay Preserve, Hillsboro River, Chassahowitzka River, Withlacoochee River, Rainbow River, and the Suwanee River.IMG_0353

This was our 6th annual kayak fishing trip together. The locations were all based on a book that John is in the process of completing. We drove over 1200 miles, paddled over 100 and saw all kinds of new places and faces. I did not take any notes during this trip so I do not have much to write about because it’s in the past now. It was pretty much a flawless trip with the exception of the weather causing us to skip a few locations.

These waterways were all beautiful in their own way but they all show signs of human impact. We are rapidly destroying our environment and I encourage you to do the best you can to leave as little of an impact as possible. This is the air we breath and the water we drink. Please play responsibly.

Below are random photos I captured along the way. Without a full report and more photos, this content will never do this trip justice. All of my images are unedited in order to capture the most natural photo I can. Please do not remove them from my site without permission. Thank you.


The following photos are of ME by John. I lack photos of myself so I’m adding these, courtesy of my paddling brother. They remind me of how happy and comfortable I am on the water.


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