JK/MC/RC-Choko Locos

There are too many things for my brain to unload about this trip so I’ll leave it like this, with a buncha photos….

Saturday we drove to Monument Lake where we got hammered by skeeters, met John Kumiski Sunday morning and pedaled my kayak with an additional 300 lbs of weight to an island in the Everglades, broke my right foot on Monday, caught fish, got wet, ate fish, froze a bit, burnt a bit, got our faces savagely violated by noseeums, had some laughs, shed some tears, left zee island on Thursday and soap finally hit me by 11pm. This is our 8th year doing a paddle trip together. I love John and these trips have opened my eyes to so many things in life. They have helped me deal with the obstacles life hands me, giving me added strength needed to overcome anything, mentally and physically. River has been an added distraction but in the 8 years we have been taking trips, they have become less extreme. This would be Rivers first overnight extended island stay and he did awesome.

Here are some photos from my camera phone as I no longer carry a DSLR and don’t take many photos of fish.

Preloaded to make sure everything fit.
I could have brought a pocket of Weedless Vudu shrimp but this is my treasure box.
We stopped at mini-island for lunch….
and chill time.
Dog Bimini
Sunset from camp…
sunrise from camp.
Someone left a bat in the shitter so you can prop the door open and not sweat.
The incoming cold front.
Rain boredom.
New day, we ventured and John stayed close
Snowbirds, literally.
John was napping when we returned
When you crawl and your best friend is a dog, life is sandy.
Caught a beautiful moonrise a night past full due to clouds.
Ain’t no fish if there ain’t no water.
John fished for dinner…
caught and cleaned dinner…
I cooked dinner…
we ate dinner…
we sucksessed!!!!!
Our last day provide the best vis for sight fishing.

The below photos are compliments of John.

Your yak is loaded if the logo is drowning.
And on the 9th cast of Christmas…..she ate it.

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