A very overdue thanks.

In 2014, fellow kayaker Redfish Chuck asked me for my address. Of course I asked him what he needed it for prior to giving him my coordinates but he was reluctant to say. All I got was that someone had something to send me. Curiosity always has me intrigued so I reminded him a few times about said object that hadn’t come yet before I ended up forgetting about it. Because of the countless people that say they want to go fishing and never go, I don’t hold my breath very long and continue with life. However, a few months down the road and I received a large box from RAILBLAZA and inside was a nice new C-Tug cart with a note from Mark Vlaskamp informing me to enjoy my new cart. The cart I owned at the time sufficed but it was far from what I would later find out the C-Tug could do.




It was December of 2014 and John Kumiski and I were fresh off a seven day trip in the Florida Everglades when we asked each other, “Where to next?” Home was the obvious plan of actions but where would our adventure take us in 2015? It didn’t take very long to decide after 2015 was underway and John asked if I had ever been to Louisiana. Sure, I’ve driven through it and spent New Year’s Eve there when I was 16 (a totally different type of adventure) but fishing? Nope. “Let’s go.” While John did 95% of the planning, I did the driving in my Nissan.


Sunrise over Venice


Family Exploration

IMG_0525There are a total of five girls (by blood) that consider me an uncle and I’m very guilty of not spending enough time with them. I dropped all responsibilities Saturday and spent the entire day with my middle brother and two youngest nieces. It rained pretty much all day but that didn’t come close to stopping the Conneen fun.


Glades in Dec

I’m currently typing on a keyboard in the AC on my comfortable couch while eating leftover Mongolian Beef and watching the ever so entertaining local news. Hard ground is below me and if I need to get anywhere I simply hop in my wheelchair and go. For now, this is the life I choose but earlier this week, none of these luxuries existed. I was in the heart of the Florida Everglades for 5 days with two good friends. As much as I enjoy this easy way of living, I continue to find myself wanted to be away from it all. The Native Americans have no idea how well they had it before we came along. Or did they?